Once upon a time, Catherine Ione-Perkins undertook to recover everything squishy in her home, the Casa del Campo--everything that could be squeezed, sat on, slept on, curled up on--all of it with a fresh new look, using all recycled fabrics and trimmings.  The project was daunting, and lengthy--Catherine's husband Peter looked on in amazement, and one day proclaimed that the Casa was looking more like a flop house than anything else.  The story took, and today the Casa del Campo is a gallery and tribute to the pure creative genius of teacher, artist and imaginer extraordinaire Catherine Ione-Perkins.
Whether with fabric or glass, stone tile or acrylic paint, Catherine's Flop House Creations enhance, excite and renew our senses and our perceptions of what it means to recycle, repurpose, and reimagine our stuff.
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