The Casa Smithy

In 2017, Peter fulfilled a long-time promise he had made to himself and became a volunteer docent at the Empire Mine State Historic Park here in Grass Valley.  As fate would have it, rather than signing on as a group tour guide (a position he was convinced was his volunteering destiny) he was able to join the blacksmith crew, where he trained as an apprentice.  Two-plus years later, Peter is a bona fide docent blacksmith in his own right, working at the park several days per week, coal forging steel in the mine's living history program, working with school groups, and engaging guests from all over the world with blacksmithing lore and craft.

Not satisfied to only be able to "get steel hot and hit it hard" when working as a park volunteer, Peter has created his own blacksmith shop at the Casa del Campo, where he continues to develop his forging skills and produces a variety of items that are a fun and functional new product line for Flop House Creations.

The smith himself in his digs at the Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley.

A beautiful copper and steel table lotus, featuring recycled utility box covers forged to shape.

This whimsical dragonfly was forged by Peter out of a single piece of steel, then he added copper legs fashioned from recycled wire.

A Shaker-style candle holder sits on top of a beautiful botanically-dyed linen table runner, crafted by Catherine. 

Peter uses reclaimed wood, copper and coal-forged steel to produce beautiful, functional home accessories.  And who doesn't love a moose?

What can be done with a pair of old railroad spikes?  How about a tandem flower sculpture, with a dragonfly, to boot.

Feel free to contact Peter at perkipeter@gmail.com for more information about the Casa Smithy, Flop House Creations,  or the Empire Mine State Historic Park.
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