Casa Critters and More!

It all started with a request from Catherine for a twisted bit of copper to bunch one of her wonderful scarves, and has turned into a whimsical and fantastical menagerie of copper-crafted creature décor--bugs and mice and dragonflies fashioned from recycled materials by Peter in his workshop.  Thanks to guests at the Casa del Campo Guest House, friends shopping by, and fun reconnection with old buddies via social media, the parade of unique home and garden art critters marches ever forward.  With an evolving and dynamic inventory on hand, and the capacity to create your special creature, Peter is happily bringing joy to the world, one bug at a time.

Contact him at perkipeter@gmail.com with questions or to place your order!

And as if the critters were not enough, Peter has taken to reclaiming old pallets, harvesting their exotic and weathered lumber to serve as pallets of their own, featuring affirmations, quotations and advertisements hand-wood-burned by Peter and embellished with his great copper art.  To order your custom affirmation sign now, contact Peter!

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