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Spring has fully engaged at the Casa
Welcome to my world!


Spring 2017
Welcome to Flop House Creations!
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Welcome to the Flop House!

Spring has fully engaged at the Casa

Spring has truly arrived at the "Casa" and Flop House Creations is scurrying with activity. Nature is matching us with the arrival of Stellar Blue Jays. They are nesting outside the window where I write this. In fact, they are nesting in many places on the property. They bear a powerful presence which does not go unnoticed by Peter and me. They ask us to step into our higher power and excellence, to continue to engage our desire to preserve this property for both "Casa" visitors and local forest denizens. As the theater of nature unfolds, so do we, embracing its beauty and creativity and allowing it to unfold within us. What an amazing life!

Last year I began the process of  learning how to dye with botanicals - using them both as dyes and also imprinting the images onto fabrics. I fell madly in love with this process. It allows me to enhance my recycled creations in a totally compostable way, avoiding an additional carbon footprint. (Check out some of the pics on other pages of this site.) So more of that begins today!!!!!
I will also be fully engaged with flowers this season. I experimented last year with a silk robe for my new daughter from her bouquet. This year I will plant marigolds and other varieties to get different results. So stay tuned!
Blessings to this day! Catherine

Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world, Flop House Creations!  In this area of my website I will be sharing design experiences featuring my explorations of texture, light and color in the context of recycling and repurposing with fabrics, ceramics and "stuff"--items and materials I have found (and you can, too) in the garage, at a yard sale or thrift store--with the idea of keeping the landfills a little less full.
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